First, here's a little background:

The Flux Destiny universe began as a webcomic called Battlegate (now officially part of the universe as Flux Destiny: Battlegate) in March 2005 on a collective I founded called Over the years, it built a substantial readership due to its unique story and art style. After over 125+ pages, Flux Destiny: Battlegate ended on a cliffhanger in 2009.

I returned to working on the Flux Destiny universe with the launch of on May 16, 2016. Since then, the universe has expanded substantially with new comics, books and other original content. The Flux Destiny Facebook community has grown to over 22,000+ fans in a year and continues to bring in new fans on a daily basis.

How do the web comics and the upcoming novels fit together?

There are multiple story pieces that make up the Flux Destiny universe:

  • Flux Destiny Novel Series (upcoming) - these will be the ultimate canon authority on the universe, but will tie in as neatly as possible to the events in the webcomics
  • Flux Destiny: Gears of Destiny Webcomics - these occur in the primary reality depicted in the novels. Chapter 1 of Gears of Destiny picks up after events that take place in the Novel series and interweaves with the Novels and the FLUXED Webcomics.
  • Flux Destiny: FLUXED Webcomics - these also occur in the primary timeline depicted in the novels. This is a new Frame-by-Frame format that tells stories within the Flux universe in a more "storyboard" style.
  • Flux Destiny: Battlegate Webcomics - as explained above, the Battlegate storyline was the original source material, but is now considered as a supporting storyline that is subservient to all the other new material.

I'm a new reader... where do I start?

I usually recommend new readers start there to experience the world like my first readers did through Flux Destiny: Battlegate. While the Flux Destiny: Battlegate storyline is now only a small part of a much larger universe, it was where my efforts began, so you can watch the evolution of the characters and style. I recommend moving onto Flux Destiny: Gears of Destiny which takes place during the events of the novels, but they are interchangeable. When the novels begin to release, I'll point to them as a natural starting point.

Is Flux Destiny: Gears of Destiny a reboot of Battlegate?

No. While at first glance there appear to be very distinct differences between Flux Destiny: Battlegate and Flux Destiny: Gears of Destiny, you will see how they connect in the near future. Wouldn't want to spoil it for you here.

Why does Hugo have different last names between the webcomic series?

The Gears of Destiny and Battlegate storylines occur in different realities within the same universe. That's all I can say at the moment without spoiling future story points. I will add that this will be definitively addressed soon within the new Gears of Destiny webcomic series.

Is any of the material in the Ask Marco mini-comics considered canon to the Flux Destiny universe?

Nah, these are just for fun.

I've got a question that's not answered here. Can I write you?

Sure! Drop me a line using the Fan Mail page and I'll do my best to answer. Your question may end up being used on this page.