Battlegate: Characters & Settings

 - A -

Aether (Karma)

In the world of Flux Destiny: Battlegate, aether is the primordial substance of the universe and a by-product of Destiny. It is the unitary source of all energies - encircling, embracing, and interpenetrating everything from beginning to end.

It is the medium for conveying energy and the vehicle for performing magic. Performing magic or moving energy requires the capability to mold and bend aether, a skill that is typically not inherent, but learned.

The world became modernized after society learned to harness the aether for practical purposes.

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Agosto Banistero

Colonel Agosto Banistero is the regional military commander of the northern Battlegate prefectures. He is headquartered in Tovalin. The Colonel is a heavily decorated military officer, having devoted his life to the service of the Empire. He is most respected for helping the Empire expand its borders northward.

Banistero is Marco's mentor and a father-like figure to him. He is on the verge of promotion to General, having turned down the promotion on several occasions to bring stability to the northern prefectures

Battlegate Empire

Battlegate is an ancient, vastly fragmented empire with amazing people,  varied cultures and magical creatures within its mountainous boundaries. It is a land of contrasts and is known for ancient tribes that have the wisdom to control Destiny and its byproduct, aether.

The Empire was built over centuries of conquest, earning the nation's notorious name. Seven former nations are now part of the Empire, each contributing to the amazing mix of culture and technology found here.

Artistically, the world of Battlegate is dominated by Mediterranean design and architecture, invoking themes of the legendary Spanish Empire.


Benicio is one of Mercedes' children who went missing after the army came and took her husband, Omar, away. It has been over 14 years since Benicio was kidnapped at age 5.

Mercedes and Lana are the only known survivors of the family and have accepted the possibility that their missing loved ones are dead.

Blue-eyed Benicio was known as the most sensitive and introspective of the three brothers - more inclined to stay inside and doodle than play rough-and-tumble games outside.

 - C -


Picturesque Cantori is located about 80 miles southeast of Tovalin and is nestled on the rocky coast of the Casta Ocean.

Cantori was once an influential intellectual metropolis until decades of political conflict with the central government stripped it of its provincial capital status. Too many free thinkers were causing tremendous upheaval in the eyes of the Chairman. Over time, the city transformed into a quiet, isolated haven for people escaping tragic pasts and political oppression. Its citizens are suspicious of most outsiders and would prefer to be left to their peaceful, quiet existence.

Cantori is the primary setting of the Flux Destiny: Battlegate storyline.

 - D -


Like gravity, Destiny was discovered to be a fundamental force in the universe. It influences is the world’s design and operation as a result of the collective decisions of mankind, i.e Consequence. Changing Destiny changes the way the world works and how it’s designed.

The force of Destiny is made possible by the workings of the Great Machine. The Great Machine's interlocked Gears of Destiny carry out the force of Destiny.

Destiny Master

Destiny Masters train for years to read the motions of the Great Machine and to channel the aether, the byproduct of Destiny, to perform magic. These masters primarily hail from the Sky Empire and are members of the Sky's Edge Order who officially sanctions their work.

Destiny Masters are trained to respect the nature of the Great Machine and not interfere with its workings. A rogue Destiny Master could easily cause havoc by manipulating large regions of Destiny. Rogue Destiny Masters are met with swift executions by the Order.

Destiny Phantom

In a dream, Hugo visualizes a dark figure who taunts him. From the context, we can assume that Hugo has been visited by this character on several occasions.

This figure is likely a Destiny Phantom, a curious and dangerous supernatural phenomenon that occurs when a Flux Destiny progresses in very slow motion, creating "echoes" in the current reality.


Diego has been close friends with Marco since they were boys. They joined the military together since their families had long traditions of serving the Empire through combat service.

 - E -


Esteban is Quito's adopted son. He's a laid back, street-smart, 15-year-old boy who reluctantly does his daily work on the piers to help his step father. When the workday's done, he takes off to hang with his friends and flirt with town girls.

Although he considers Cantori his hometown, Esteban was brought to Cantori by Quito when he was only 2 years old.

Friendly yet no-nonsense, Esteban has come to be known as "Cantori's #1 Merstang Wrangler" thanks to his natural ability to tame the temperamental creatures. Esteban and Hugo become close friends during the course of the Battlegate storyline.

 - F -

The Flux & Fluxes

The Flux is region where the Great Machine, is located. Few have crossed here. Hugo can tap the Flux for his powers.

The word flux can also be used in several different ways depending on the context.

For example, a tear in the fabric of the universe that exposes the Gears of Destiny can be called a flux. Over time many have tried to reverse engineer Destiny for malicious or selfish intents. Many attempts to tap into the Machine using clumsy and barbaric methods have created tears called fluxes where the movement of the holy gears can actually be seen.

There are natural and man-made fluxes in the universe throughout the world that expose the gears. These locations are typically guarded with intensity for fear that the world itself could unravel with too much more interference.

A minor Flux Destiny can be referred to as a flux.

Fluxing on a relatively local level isn’t as dramatic as a true Flux Destiny, because the rippling effect is nowhere near as strong. However, there is still a small residual effect. Regardless, because of the rippling nature of the Great Machine,  small fluxes can add up and cause a significant shift in the Great Machine (a Flux Destiny) and rewrite the World in such a way that no one intended.

Flux Destiny

Theoretically, it is possible to directly alter the Destiny of a person, place or thing by manually removing or modifying its respective gear from the Great Machine. However, the resulting effect would be the creation of a flux in the Great Machine, sending waves of change throughout the world. This is a Flux Destiny – a design imposed on the world as opposed to following the natural rules of Consequence.

New Destinies can be created in a few different ways, all with varying consequences. One way is to take existing gears and rearranging them to achieve your desired effect. This typically results in a Frankenstein’s Monster, patchwork-quilt result. Another way is to replace existing gears of Destiny with false fabricated ones. These, however, do not have the strength to remain forever, the forces of Destiny within the Great Machine are much too great and quickly wear them down.

When a Flux Destiny is created, it can have profound effects on the rest of the world as it ultimately reshapes the universe as it is known. This rewrite is made possible by the Gears of Destiny in the Great Machine that ripple the change throughout the whole universe. Creating a Flux Destiny ignores design by natural decision. It says “no-one else matters, only what I want.”

The irony is that in trying to control the world and its shape through a Flux Destiny, Consequence will take all these attempts and rewrite the world itself, essentially without the approval of mankind.

 - G -

Gears of Destiny

The Great Machine is comprised of millions upon millions of aetherial sprockets called Gears of Destiny that enable it to carry out Destiny as a natural force.

When a person is born, their unique Gear of Destiny is added to the Great Machine. Once a person dies, their gear crumbles, changing the rotation of all gears.  So, each person has an effect on the whole world. Each individual’s gear is unique in shape and design, signifying their distinct path and lifetime.

These gears can be seen spinning in tears in the universe and cannot be touched by human hands without disintegrating.

The Green Book

Marco's infamous Green Book first appears in Chapter 2.

Although it hasn't got an official title, these Green Books are issued to empire parole officers to record merits and demerits given to their assigned parolees. Battlegate parole officers are given wide power over their parolees, and can extend their parole times indefinitely should they see fit.

Hugo hates the book... not because of what is written in it but rather because Marco likes to smack him around with it when he's been a smart ass.

The Great Machine

The Great Machine and its Gears of Destiny are the backbone of the Flux Destiny universe. It is powered by light and dark Destiny and is guided by the Story of the Universe as written by the Author, the Creator of the Universe.

When a person is born, their unique Gear of Destiny is added to this Great Machine, hand-crafted by the Author. Once a person dies, their gear crumbles, changing the rotation of all gears. So, each person has an effect on the whole world. Each individual’s gear is unique in shape and design, signifying their distinct path and lifetime.

The Great Machine carries out the force of Destiny, which is the result of Free Will. The world reacts to decisions made by people by changing its design and the way it works.

Two opposing philosophies claiming to answer the mystery of the Great Machine have emerged throughout centuries of debate.

Some believe these sacred gears guide the movements of all the universe in careful precision according to the Story of the World as written by the Author in the sacred lost text called “the Novel.”

Others believe that the Great Machine is simply an enormous natural mechanism serving the law of cause and effect and that Destiny is what we make it. Under this philosophy, we are largely responsible for our destinies, but they are also subject to the rippling effects of the interwoven nature of the Great Machine.

 - H -

Dr. Hincle

Hincle is an enigmatic scientist commissioned by Major Turi to secretly build a mechanism that can harness Hugo's mysterious powers. He has been studying Flux Destinies for decades, using the Sky Empire's vast intellectual resources to perfect his methods.

  Hugo  as he appears in the  Battlegate  Continuity

Hugo as he appears in the Battlegate Continuity

Hugo Hodako

Hugo is a young teenage boy who has been detained at the Tovalin military facility since he was 11. His true past is shrouded in mystery and state officials heavily guard the reasons for his imprisonment.

Now 14, Hugo has been placed on parole by order of the Chairman under the reluctant watch of Lt. Marco Mendoza. While charming in his own boyish way, Hugo's attitude, dangerous curiosity, and notorious kleptomania have done nothing but frustrate Marco and extend his parole time. Hugo is a complex character. While annoying Marco with his comedic, childish pranks and complicated teen angst issues, we discover that Hugo is wrestling with his secret dark past.

 - L -


15-year-old Lana is one of several masters that have been sent from the Sky Empire to locate the source of her nation's pending destruction. Perhaps by fate, she meets Hugo and discovers that his amazing powers are responsible for the Sky Empire’s terrible mess.

Faced with expulsion from the Sky's Edge Order for insubordination, Lana is torn between her feelings of compassion for Hugo’s situation and doing the right thing to save her world.


Lehveen are giant, slug-like creatures that inhabit the vast desert near the coastal town of Cantori. They are incredibly aggressive, and feast on any living creature they encounter - even resorting to cannibalism - to satisfy their unending appetites. A Lehveen is the first creature encountered in Flux Destiny: Battlegate shortly after Marco and Hugo leave Tovalin.


Lukas of Sky's Edge

Lukas is one of Mercedes' children who went missing after the army came and took her husband, Omar, away. It has been over 14 years since he was kidnapped at age 6. Mercedes and Lana are the only known survivors of the family and have accepted the possibility that their missing loved ones are dead.

Lukas is the eldest brother and also the most headstrong. As the first child of Omar and Mercedes, he held an especially close relationship with his parents.



 - M -

  Marco  as he appears in the  Battlegate  continuity

Marco as he appears in the Battlegate continuity

Marco Mendoza

Marco, as he appears in the Battlegate reality, is a young 18-year-old soldier starting his career at a criminal detention camp in the Northern Prefectures of the empire. Born into a down-to-earth family with deep roots in military and political service, Marco has some very large boots to fill. Although he’s a playboy with a healthy appetite for big parties and pretty ladies, he takes his career very seriously.

Marco is rather self-absorbed, although his charm can temper the blatant vanity. He's very proud of his early accomplishments and was, until recently, very certain of his future as an officer. Hand-picked by the Chairman as Hugo Hodako's parole officer, Marco must watch over Hugo until his 16th birthday. Marco knows that his future depends on this seemingly ridiculous assignment, and he very reluctantly agrees to parole (or “baby-sit” as he sees it) Hugo.


A somewhat bitter woman of great experience, Mercedes escaped a painful past in a remote village to start a new life in Cantori many years ago. She carries a deep distrust of the Battlegate military and other empire officials following the suspicious abduction of her husband and her three sons.

While she could have easily returned to the Sky Empire following her family tragedy, she instead moved to Cantori. She was compelled to stay in Battlegate, hoping that her missing husband and sons would someday return to her.

Mercedes is Lana's mother and the owner of the Cantori Inn.

Meriko Village

Meriko is a small forest village in the eastern Battlegate Empire where Mercedes and her family once lived in a converted mill house. While the village itself is of no particular consequence, horrifying events that transpired there ripple tragically into the future.


Merstangs are quite common in the salt water oceans throughout the world. They're largely tame thanks to constant interaction with people and they choose to stay close to the shoreline. They resemble large seahorses and are used by coastal dwellers as personal modes of water transportation and are even kept as pets.

The great King Merstangs live in the deep ocean and are many times larger than standard Merstangs. Although rare, fresh water merstangs exist.

Merstangs, while typically docile, can be temperamental and resort to physical violence to those they see as aggressors.

 - O -


Omar of Sky's Edge

Omar was Mercedes' loving husband and devoted father of Lukas, Benicio and Lana and a third son whose name is not mentioned.

In a backstory told by Mercedes we find out that Omar was sought out and apprehended by the Battlegate Empire, though she is unsure why. It has been over 14 years since he was taken and he is presumed executed.

The Sky's Edge Order

One of the oldest and most admired orders of Destiny Masters in the realm, this secret society is known simply as the “Order.” It has played a tremendous, yet mostly unrecorded role in the history of the world. Thanks to their intervention, they have spared the world from the ravages of multiple Flux Destinies.

The Order is based in the Sky Empire’s capital, Sky’s Edge. The Sky King has commanded the Order to root-out the cause behind the Sky Empire's disintegration and bring the culprits to justice.

 - Q -


Quito (pronounced KEY-toe) is the dock master of the Cantori harbor and runs a small fishing operation on the side to make ends meet. He is well respected among his fellow dock workers and other people in the town.

He is an intensely private man, like many others in Cantori who came to the city to escape their painful pasts. He and his adopted son Esteban, came to Cantori over a decade ago under mysterious circumstances.

Quito's Dock House

Quito's warehouse on the Cantori wharf was once Quito and Esteban's innocent place of business and residence. In Flux Destiny: Battlegate Chapter 4 it is revealed that Major Turi has taken over the dock house to serve as a cover for his plans to overthrow the Empire.

 - R -


The Contessa Reigna was recently named prefect of the northeastern prefecture, putting the fiercely independent Cantori and Tovalin under her control. Her family has been influential in the Battlegate Empire for generations. Major Turi was able to gain control over Cantori because of her influence.

 - S -

The Sky Empire

The Sky Empire is an ancient realm that straddles the earth and sky. It is home to the Sky People who are intensely devoted to studying Destiny and protecting the Great Machine. The Sky Empire and Battlegate have maintained an icy relationship for decades, ever since it was discovered that Battlegate was toying with the mechanics of Destiny.

Now that the Sky Empire's very existence is threatened by its crumbling foundations, it faces the possibility of no longer being equally matched with Battlegate. This loss of military parity opens yet another threat to its survival.

Sky Totems

The mysterious megalith that first appears in Hugo's nightmare is a Sky Totem. Sky Totems are used by the Sky Empire to channel vast amounts of aether to keep their nation aloft in the clouds.

When the Sky Empire nearly collapsed on the invocation of the first recorded Flux Destiny, many of these structures fell to earth.

Seraphim Staff

The Seraphim Staff was given to Lana upon her ordination as a young Destiny Master by the head of Sky's Edge Order. Rarely is such a priceless item given to just any anyone, signifying Lana's honorable achievements as a student of Destiny. The staff amplifies the user's control over the aether, exponentially increasing their powers.

 - T -


16-year-old Tino is a member of the Sky Knights, a sect of the Order that is loyal only to its Destiny Masters.


The border town of Tovalin is the regional military headquarters for the Northern Prefectures and is home to several secret military installations. We first meet Marco and Hugo here.

Alexandro Turi

Turi and Marco had trained together as cadets and subsequently served their first posts together before Turi mysteriously disappeared.

Now, Major Turi has reappeared as the empire official in charge of the Cantori town and ports. As the first antagonist Hugo and Marko encounter, Turi enlists the mysterious Dr. Hincle to help him extract Hugo’s powers.