Gears of Destiny: Characters & Settings

- A -

Ivan's true love is in the mirror.

Ivan Alix

There's always that guy you knew growing up: the one who had the looks, the talent, and got the girls. Though he's just as self-assured as Marco, Ivan takes vanity to a new level. Believe it or not, but Ivan and Marco used to be friends... best boyhood friends, in fact. That is, until certain choices changed that.

Ivan, 19, successfully completed his Destiny Ceremony and uses every opportunity to rub it in Marco's face. To add insult to injury, Ivan's talents landed him a powerful position as the youngest commander of the elite University Guard who are charged with enforcing the Empire's sacred Canon of Destiny.

- F -

The Flux & Fluxes

The Flux is region where the Great Machine, is located. Few have crossed here. Hugo can tap the Flux for his powers.

The word flux can also be used in several different ways depending on the context.

For example, a tear in the fabric of the universe that exposes the Gears of Destiny can be called a flux. Over time many have tried to reverse engineer Destiny for malicious or selfish intents. Many attempts to tap into the Machine using clumsy and barbaric methods have created tears called fluxes where the movement of the holy gears can actually be seen.

There are natural and man-made fluxes in the universe throughout the world that expose the gears. These locations are typically guarded with intensity for fear that the world itself could unravel with too much more interference.

A minor Flux Destiny can be referred to as a flux.

Fluxing on a relatively local level isn’t as dramatic as a true Flux Destiny, because the rippling effect is nowhere near as strong. However, there is still a small residual effect. Regardless, because of the rippling nature of the Great Machine,  small fluxes can add up and cause a significant shift in the Great Machine (a Flux Destiny) and rewrite the World in such a way that no one intended.

Flux Destiny

Theoretically, it is possible to directly alter the Destiny of a person, place or thing by manually removing or modifying its respective gear from the Great Machine. However, the resulting effect would be the creation of a flux in the Great Machine, sending waves of change throughout the world. This is a Flux Destiny – a design imposed on the world as opposed to following the natural rules of Consequence.

New Destinies can be created in a few different ways, all with varying consequences. One way is to take existing gears and rearranging them to achieve your desired effect. This typically results in a Frankenstein’s Monster, patchwork-quilt result. Another way is to replace existing gears of Destiny with false fabricated ones. These, however, do not have the strength to remain forever, the forces of Destiny within the Great Machine are much too great and quickly wear them down.

When a Flux Destiny is created, it can have profound effects on the rest of the world as it ultimately reshapes the universe as it is known. This rewrite is made possible by the Gears of Destiny in the Great Machine that ripple the change throughout the whole universe. Creating a Flux Destiny ignores design by natural decision. It says “no-one else matters, only what I want.”

The irony is that in trying to control the world and its shape through a Flux Destiny, Consequence will take all these attempts and rewrite the world itself, essentially without the approval of mankind.

- G -

Gears of Destiny

The Great Machine is comprised of millions upon millions of aetherial sprockets called Gears of Destiny that enable it to carry out Destiny as a natural force.

When a person is born, their unique Gear of Destiny is added to the Great Machine. Once a person dies, their gear crumbles, changing the rotation of all gears.  So, each person has an effect on the whole world. Each individual’s gear is unique in shape and design, signifying their distinct path and lifetime.

These gears can be seen spinning in tears in the universe and cannot be touched by human hands without disintegrating.


Gina is a nurse at Rosewall Hospital in Chapter 1. She and Marco have known each other for some time, and even dated at one point. Thanks to her help, Marco and Hugo are able to get the medical care they need without being discovered by the authorities.

The Great Machine

The Great Machine and its Gears of Destiny are the backbone of the Flux Destiny universe. It is powered by light and dark Destiny and is guided by the Story of the Universe as written by the Author, the Creator of the Universe.

When a person is born, their unique Gear of Destiny is added to this Great Machine, hand-crafted by the Author. Once a person dies, their gear crumbles, changing the rotation of all gears. So, each person has an effect on the whole world. Each individual’s gear is unique in shape and design, signifying their distinct path and lifetime.

The Great Machine carries out the force of Destiny, which is the result of Free Will. The world reacts to decisions made by people by changing its design and the way it works.

Two opposing philosophies claiming to answer the mystery of the Great Machine have emerged throughout centuries of debate.

Some believe these sacred gears guide the movements of all the universe in careful precision according to the Story of the World as written by the Author in the sacred lost text called “the Novel.”

Others believe that the Great Machine is simply an enormous natural mechanism serving the law of cause and effect and that Destiny is what we make it. Under this philosophy, we are largely responsible for our destinies, but they are also subject to the rippling effects of the interwoven nature of the Great Machine.

The Green Book

Although it hasn't got an official title, these Green Books are issued to Fortuna mentors to record merits and demerits given to their assigned students. Mentors are given wide power over their students.

Hugo hates the book... not because of what is written in it but rather because Marco likes to smack him around with it when he's been a smart ass.

- L -

Luckystar ("Lucky")

Luckystar or "Lucky," is Marco's disobedient, headstrong Clockbot. In the Flux Destiny Universe, Clockbots serve several functions. While many Clockbots serve military applications, most are specifically designed to open and close Flux ruptures as well as handle holy Gears of Destiny.

The Fortuna Empire has deployed thousands of these Clockbots around the nation to safeguard the country (and the world for that matter) from a Flux Destiny that could spiral out of control.

Most Clockbots have the suffix "-star" as part of their name.

- M -

Marco as he appears in the primary timeline.

Marco as he appears in the primary timeline.

Marco Mendoza

Marco, 18, is an arrogant yet extremely talented University student who has big plans for his life. His dreams are dashed when the Destiny Ceremony intended to confirm his path is ruined in a very public and embarrassing way. Marco is devastated and confused by this sudden change in his path. How could this happen to him? He was meant to be someone great!

Until the ceremony is complete, Marco is considered to have a “cursed destiny.” Marco will do anything to return his destiny to what he believes is the correct path by finding someone willing to finish the Destiny Ceremony.

Disgraced and demoralized, Marco is banished by the University to travel the Empire with a simple assignment: study and repair quirky yet seemingly benign rips in the universe called “fluxes.” Perhaps that would be tolerable if Marco didn’t have to do it all while mentoring a troublesome teenager named Hugo who was expelled from the University along with him.

Marco is a prodigy when it comes to destiny engineering. He inherently understands the complex nature of the Gears of Destiny and has proven to have the unique skill of working with and manipulating these remarkable natural phenomena.

- K -

Jack Silas

Silas has just been introduced into the Flux Destiny universe, so not much can be said without spoiling the story at this point.


- R -

Rosewall Hospital

Flux Destiny's main sequence web comic opens at Rosewall Hospital on the outskirts of Shangdu Metropolis. The hospital is a local medical center, poorly equipped for the number of casualties at the start of the story.

- W -

Hugo as he appears in the primary timeline.

Hugo as he appears in the primary timeline.

Hugo Wandschneider

Hugo, 16, is a freshman student at the University who mysteriously appears in Marco's life just as he's nearing the date of his Destiny Ceremony. To Marco's constant frustration, Hugo outwardly questions and debates all the teachings of the Empire... fundamental truths that Marco holds sacred. To complicate matters, Marco soon learns that Hugo is secretly the grandson and scion of renowned inventor Walter Wandschneider - Marco's idol.

Hugo struggles with his germaphobia and his apparent health issues. He’s allergic to tons of simple things like shellfish and fog (yes, fog). Hugo managed to get appendicitis… twice. It doesn’t take much to make him throw-up. Hugo is particularly sensitive to the carillon of the Wonderclock - it hurts his ears. Despite these quirks, Hugo is particularly charming in his own way.

Marco discovers that Hugo has the curious ability to actually touch and manipulate the Gears of Destiny without harming the gears or himself.  Hugo demonstrates that he also has the power to reach through the fabric of the universe and pull through other destinies... remarkable feats for any modern human.