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Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings (Audiobook)

Legendary voice actor, Todd Haberkorn, lends his crisp, versatile voice to the highly anticipated audiobook adaptation of Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings.

This special performance is available for Pre-Order. Customers who pre-order will receive an exclusive discount. The audiobook will be delivered digitally on the release date: June 12, 2019.


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Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings (Paperback)

Marco and Hugo are brilliant, yet quarrelsome teenagers with powerful talents in a universe where destiny itself is a visible, controllable force. When the mysterious Board of Trials orders them and their headstrong Clockbot, Lucky, to investigate a situation at Anderes — an isolated city straddling a gigantic rupture in space-time nicknamed Big Mouth — they discover a plague of blood-thirsty, biomechanical creatures called Cankers that are wreaking havoc on the city.

Marco and Hugo must put aside their dislike for each other to try and uncover the source of these mysterious attacks and save Anderes from certain destruction. Fortuna’s Rings is the first in a series of fantasy/sci-fi books based on the FLUX DESTINY graphic novels by animation producer Chris Moujaes.