Praise & Book Reviews

Top notch world building, Flux Destiny is a bold new fantasy perfectly mixing science and magic with irresistible teenage heroes. The novel fleshes out the world perfectly, and left me hungry for more adventures with Marco, Hugo and company.
— Henry Gilroy, Producer/Head Writer, Star Wars: Rebels
Take a wild trip with Marco, Hugo and Lucky across Fortuna as they fix fluxes, rips in the universe that are having strange effects. You’ll have a blast as our heroes uncover weird new abilities, encounter even weirder characters, and manipulate the very fabric of destiny itself!
— Brandon Auman, Executive Producer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I love this book! It’s a great combination of American sci-fi writing and the best anime and manga influences.
— Jerome Mazandarani, COO, Manga Entertainment, Ltd.