Welcome new reader!

ME: Hiya, stranger!

YOU: The heck? How did I get here?

ME: I found you lying on the curb... you were mumbling something about cat videos and dank memes. You were pretty worked-up about it. I dunno, I'm not judging.

YOU: Uh... yeah... thanks.

ME: <awkward silence>

YOU: <more awkward silence>

ME: Sooo... since you're here...

YOU: Uh... I should probably go. I'm not into...

ME: Whut? No. No. No. I was gonna tell you about Flux Destiny. Weirdo.

YOU: Flux what?

ME: Flux Destiny! It's a universe of books, graphic novels, and web comics I created where destiny itself is a controllable, force!

YOU: Oh, <whew> okay, that's cool, I guess. So why am I just hearing about this?

ME: I dunno, buddy. What I can give you is a little history: Flux Destiny began as a webcomic called Battlegate (now officially part of the universe as Flux Destiny: Battlegate) in March 2005 on a collective I founded called SquirrelWorks.com. Over the years, it built a substantial readership due to its unique story and art style. After over 125+ pages, Flux Destiny: Battlegate ended on a cliffhanger in 2009. I returned to working on the Flux Destiny universe with the launch of FluxDestiny.com on May 16, 2016. Since then, the universe has expanded substantially with new comics, books and other original content.

YOU: Huh? Why the long pause between the original web comics and the novels?

ME: I joined Funimation Entertainment in 2009 to run their film and music labels. I was there for six years where I produced several anime movies, live action films and soundtracks. The work was pretty intense. I left in 2015 to form my own studio, where I returned to Flux Destiny. In about a year, it grew rapidly and we've built a really active Flux Fandom.

YOU: Hey that's really cool. I love anime! So what's this about your awesome Flux Fandom?

ME: Thanks! If there's one thing I'm really proud of (besides the books and art of course) is our Flux Fandom. The Flux Destiny Facebook Fandom has grown to over 30,000+ fans in a year and continues to bring in new fans on a daily basis. I host weekly livestreams where fans can watch me draw and sing to obscure EDM music, post mini-comics, share behind-the-scenes art, and all sorts of cool stuff there. Fans message me directly there and share their fanart, fanfics, thoughts, jokes, etc. It's become a really great place to meet fellow fans and make friends. A lot of unlikely friendships have been made on the Flux Destiny Facebook page and on my livestreams. I run a really fun community where jerks, trolls and other unsavory types aren't allowed to hang around for very long. Come and check it out, I promise you'll have a great time.

Oh, hey! Cool... you're still here!

YOU: Yeah, you haven't scared me away... yet. So, I'm a new reader... where should I start?

ME: I recommend starting with Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings, the first full-length novel. You can can buy the novel in e-book or paperback format on Amazon. You can check out the web comics and graphic novels anytime you want! You can read them out of sequence without knowing the whole story.

YOU: Awesome. So, how do the novels and comics fit together?

ME: There are multiple story pieces that make up the Flux Destiny universe:

  • Flux Destiny Novel Series - these are the ultimate cannon authority on the universe, and follow the difficult journey of Marco Mendoza and Hugo Wandschneider as they wander the Empire of Fortuna. The first in the series is Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings and can buy your copy on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Ask the Characters Web Comics - The Ask the Characters mini-comics occur when the cast is off-the-clock (so-to-speak). I take questions from fans that are submitted on Facebook, Twitter, email or messenger pigeon and answer them as honestly as possible from the character's perspective. It's a fun way to get to know the characters. I'm often asked if any of the material in the Ask the Characters mini-comics are considered cannon to the Flux Destiny universe. The answer is yes and no. I try to answer the questions in character, so for the most part they are. When in doubt, ask me!
  • Flux Destiny: Mini-Comics! - These are occasional, stand-alone comics that I do. They can be read in any order and at any time. Most of the time they're just little snapshots into the characters' lives... mostly doing stupid things lol.
  • Flux Destiny: Battlegate Graphic Novel - The highly-rated Flux Destiny: Battlegate storyline was the original source material created in 2005, but does not occur in the main continuity that is presented in the Flux Destiny novel series. It's considered a different "destiny," in this universe.

YOU: So, I kinda like to draw and write. What're your feelings on fan art and fan fics?

ME: I love 'em. And the fans love them too. I share them on the Flux Destiny Facebook page. Some fans do so much great art, they get their own dedicated albums. As long as they're PG-13 max, I'll post them.

YOU: You've opened my eyes... yet I have so many more questions. Can I write you?

ME: Yep - you can do so here through the email form, message me on the Flux Destiny Facebook page, tweet to me, smoke-signals... whatever blows smoke up your teepee.

YOU: Huh? Blow smoke up my whut?

ME: Never mind, I think I used that phrase incorrectly.

YOU: <suspicious glance>

ME: So, uh... time to get to reading, right?! Lots to read and lots to see here!

YOU: Okay, yeah! Thanks for being so friendly & showing me around. That was really cool of you.

ME: No sweat, buddy! Welcome to the Flux Fam! I'll see ya online! Let me know if you have questions or comments!

YOU: Cool! I will! I guess I'll see you on livestream!

ME: <friendly nod>

YOU: <obligatory fist bump> TTYL!

ME: <returns fist bump in the coolest way possible as you walk out the door> See ya!
. . .
. . .
. . . <mumbling> I'll get that other kidney next time.