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Anime-Inspired Book Series Narrated by Todd Haberkorn Introduces New Platform for Anime Fans: Audiobooks

A-list anime voice actor takes readers on an incredible adventure & breaks ground for artists & fans.

Dallas, Texas, February 18, 2019 – Los Angeles-based voice actor and director, Todd Haberkorn, lends his crisp, versatile voice to the highly anticipated audiobook, Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings. The book is the first installment in a coming-of-age series about two young outcasts in a universe where destiny itself is a controllable force.

“I was inspired to write a full-blown novel so I could tell the entire Flux Destinystory,” says Flux Destinycreator, Chris Moujaes, who began the story as an experimental graphic novel. “In my career, I’ve had the unique experience of creating anime film and television content that bridges Japanese and Western-styles of storytelling,” Moujaes says. “I saw an opportunity to bring the best of both worlds together in this new category of anime-inspired works.”

A former Funimation Entertainment executive who oversaw the company’s original content division, Moujaes is intrigued by the untapped opportunity audiobooks present for anime-inspired content. “Audiobooks may seem to be an unlikely channel for anime and anime-inspired content, but they work,” Moujaes continued. “With outstanding voice performance, and plot and character development containing anime flavors, audiobooks let readers experience new, fictional worlds and imagine them with the vivid artistry that anime is famous for.”

Other anime experts agree. “In addition to episodic streaming television, graphic novels, and web comics, audiobooks open a whole new channel for anime and anime-inspired artists to share their stories with the world,” says Jerome Mazandarani, Managing Director of Manga Entertainment, Ltd., one of Europe’s leading anime distributors. “We’re witnessing the beginning of a trend that will quickly become a new norm in our space.”

Todd Haberkorn was eager to narrate Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings “Not only is the Flux Destinystory exciting and well-written,” says Haberkorn, “Chris Moujaes employs storytelling and character nuances found in anime and manga that fans will instantly appreciate.” Haberkorn continued, “I love the idea of anime-inspired audiobooks. It’s edgy, innovative, and timely. Chris Moujaes is paving a new path for fans to experience what they love about anime in an unexpected form.”

Moujaes’ innovations and contributions to anime expand beyond audiobooks. As a U.S.-based creator, Moujaes is creating opportunities for non-Japanese artists. “I’m conscious of calling my work ‘anime-inspired,’” Moujaes explains. “I respect anime traditionalists and the brilliant works of Japanese studios. That said, involvement in Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Ringsfrom mainstream anime actors, like Todd Haberkorn, solidifies the relevancy of anime-inspired works within the anime genre.”

Kanji Kazahaya, President & CEO of Culture Connect Co., Ltd., a consultancy that specializes in connecting Japan with the global market, says “Japanese influence stretches across every continent and corner of the world. The global anime fan base is growing every year. It makes sense that we’re seeing incredible anime-inspired works from North America and other places. The anime industry would be wise to embrace non-Japanese creators such as Moujaes to extend its appeal to the mainstream audience.”

Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Ringsaudiobook narrated by Todd Haberkorn drops on June 12, 2019, (Haiki House Press; June 12, 2019, ISBN 978-0-578-44937-1; $15.99) The paperback edition of Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Ringsis now available on Amazon.

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About Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings

Marco and Hugo are brilliant yet quarrelsome teenagers with powerful talents in a universe where destiny itself is a visible, controllable force. When the mysterious Board of Trials orders them and their headstrong Clockbot, Lucky, to investigate a situation at Anderes – an isolated city straddling a gigantic rupture in space-time nicknamed Big Mouth, they discover a plague of blood-thirsty, biomechanical creatures, called Cankers that are wreaking havoc on the city. Marco and Hugo must put aside their dislike for each other to try and discover the source of these mysterious attacks and save Anderes from certain destruction.

Flux Destiny: Fortuna’s Rings is the first in a series of fantasy, sci-fi books based on the Flux Destinygraphic novels by animation producer, Chris Moujaes.

About Chris Moujaes, Creator of FLUX DESTINY

Film producer, entertainment executive, character designer, and author, Chris Moujaes is the founder of Herohelix, a studio that produces original fictional universes through books, graphic novels, and animation. As the former Head of Original Entertainment at Funimation, a division of Sony Pictures Television and worldwide leader in Japanese anime distribution, Chris managed millions of dollars in motion picture production. He is credited as an executive producer on the anime movies Dragon Age and Mass Effect, based on hit video games by BioWare. His hit series Flux Destinyis rated five stars on Amazon and boasts more than 37,000 (and growing) fans across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Chris lives in Dallas, Texas and is a graduate of University of Texas, Austin with a B.S. in Radio-Television-Film. Follow Flux Destiny at or @fluxdestiny on Facebook and Instagram.

About Todd Haberkorn, Director and Voice Actor

As a multi award winning actor behind the mic, on camera, and on stage with over 400 credits - Todd Haberkorn has had the pleasure of working in a variety of mediums in the entertainment industry. The LA based actor is also a director for companies like Marvel, Saban Entertainment, Netflix and Funimation Entertainment as well as a production head for the Unlocked app ( If you’re looking for a few shows directed by Todd, check out Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Suburra: season 1 (the English version), and here’s a left fielder – Drunken Tai Chi – Donnie Yen’s first starring role.

Some notable roles include the latest DLC for Destiny 2: The Forsaken – catch him as the Drifter, Death The Kid in Soul Eater, Grey Matter in Ben 10, Spock in the multi-award winning web series, Star Trek Continues, and many more! Little did he know six years ago that he’d be eating fire on a regular basis as Natsu Dragneel for the series, Fairy Tail. And he’s gearing up for another season to add to the 276 episode and two movies run…let’s get fired up.

When he isn’t fighting digital monsters in video games or going on animated adventures behind the mic, Todd travels the U.S. and internationally making appearances at gnarly pop culture conventions as a guest to meet super cool fans and sign autographs. He is represented by Atlas Talent, The Horne Agency, LMTalent, Jeff Zannini Management, and Go Voices Talent Agency.

Check out for all things Haberkorn. If you’ve got an itchy scrolling finger – he’s on the social media battlefield as well: Twitter- @toddhaberkorn and Instagram- @Official_Habergram