Story Overview

Flux Destiny takes place in a universe where Destiny itself is a visible, controllable force.

FLUX DESTINY follows Marco, an arrogant yet extremely talented 18-year-old university student who has big plans for his life. His dreams are dashed when the Destiny Ceremony intended to confirm his path is ruined in a very public and embarrassing way. Marco is devastated and confused by this sudden change in his path. How could this happen to him? He was meant to be someone great!

Disgraced and demoralized, Marco is banished by the University to travel the Empire with a simple assignment: study and repair quirky yet seemingly benign rips in the universe called ruptures. Perhaps that would be tolerable if Marco didn’t have to do it all while mentoring a troublesome teenager named Hugo to work off his rather lengthy list of demerits.

However, what appears to be a demeaning yet straight-forward task begins to take on a more sinister face as Hugo’s hidden ability to directly handle and manipulate Gears of Destiny is revealed. In this world, this ability allows one to create new realities called Flux Destinies.

To make matters worse, Hugo’s brazen attitude, germophobia, and juvenile pranks do nothing but irritate Marco and add to his demerits. Along with their assigned Clockbot, Luckystar (or “Lucky” as the boys call him), Marco and Hugo begin a very trying journey that begins to yield strange results.

Until the ceremony is complete, Marco is considered to have a “broken" destiny. Marco will do anything to return his destiny to what he believes is the correct path by finding someone willing to finish the Destiny Ceremony. This leads to a deal with Hugo at the outset of the story: Hugo will help Marco fix his destiny and, in exchange, Marco will tear up the small green book that keeps Hugo’s bound to him.

Marco’s derailed path forces him to face questions as old as the World itself: who is actually pulling the strings of fate? It isn’t long before Marco and Hugo become entangled in a complex, unwinding mystery that will expose so many truths that have been hidden for centuries.

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